Any received personal data for assessments are encrypted using secure socket layers (SSL).  All communication is also held in strict confidence and your information is protected and secure. Information regarding assessments is held in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

For clinics to receive assessment results securely, it is recommended to utilize a secure email address that can be used for receiving secure data transfers. If clinic does not have access to secured email server, there is the option for clinics to apply for a secure email address from iridodiagnostics.com that can be used for secure assessment transfers.


Iridodiagnostic assessments are completed by Professor Bryan Marcia, Ph.D. Prof. Bryan is currently involved in iridological research and development for the past 38 years (2019) and has completed over 12,000 clinical iridology assessments. Bryan received Professor Emeritus in Natural Medicine from Capital University of Integrative Medicine in 2006.

Bryan is currently faculty advisor for the Doctor of Science Degree Program in Iridology at Da Vinci College of Natural Medicine.

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Yes and no. The Russian Medical Iridodiagnostic software including the Patient Report Generator is available to members at Iridology-Research.com. 

The Bexel Irina assessment software is not available publicly due to the requirement for specialized hardware and software drivers that are now very difficult to locate. We only maintain on-site cloned systems of the Bexel Irina for lab use. We do offer remote access sessions to the Bexel Irina system for researchers. Please contact us for more information.

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The Russian iridodiagnostic assessment tool was developed after the Bexel Irina software and offers enhanced iridodiagnostic features based upon more current clinical studies in iridology. In other words, the Russian based bio-metric analysis software can detect more anomalies than the Bexel, but does require some manual expertise.

The Bexel assessment results are most valuable to attain the pupillary and collarette mathematical data, which can be successfully utilized in a clinical environment.

Both bio-metric analysis programs automatically detect and define the pupillary and collarette parameters. In reviewing each of the separate assessments, you will find similarities in both report data.

All assessments include the Bexel numerical data report in exception to heavily deformed pupil(s) that is not accepted by the bio-metric algorithm.



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We recommend the Dino-Lite Iriscope.This iriscope takes very suitable eye images for iridodiagnostic assessments of pupil and collarette.

The Dino-lite iriscope is Windows and MAC compatible, American engineered, The iriscope is shipped from the USA with two year warranty and unsurpassed support.

Clinics who wish to purchase the Dino-Lite Iriscope for iridodiagnostic assessment can receive 20% discount and free shipping to the USA and Canada. Please contact us for this discount information.

Clients from Asia or Europe, please contact us for more information regarding local European or Asian suppliers of the Dino-lite iriscope.

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Using 640X480 is the best resolution for taking images and importing images. Other resolutions can be used but should be multiples of 640X480, for example, 1280X960, 2560X1920. If resolution is not multiples of the standard 640X480, there is the possibility of incorrect compression of images leading to oval-horizontal pupil and false positives.

To understand more about correct image resolutions, please refer to the sample chart below:

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Yes, clinics receive free and unlimited access to the iridology research databases. If clinic discontinues iridology assessment services for more than one month, access will become limited.

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The assessment recommendations include nutrition, herbal and homeopathic. Every recommendation originates from actual clinical studies with references that can be found in the Integrative Iridology Compendium. Iridodiagnostics.com clients can access to the Integrative Iridology Compendium to review abstract information.

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Biometric data analysis to determine several parameters of the pupil including Miosis, Mydriasis, Anisocoria, Deformation of Pupils (drawing in-out, oval-elliptic forms, local flatness, sector deformations, decentrations and Multiformities).

All Iridodiagnostic assessments include the Bexel lab report unless there is an issue with severely abnormal pupils. It is recommended to re-test the Bexel assessment at least once a year to review changes in the pupillary and collarette parameters.

Bexel Irina Pupil and Collarette Sample Data Results:


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Eye image approval and assessment results should take between 24 – 48 hours maximum excluding weekends. Any assessment projects uploaded during the weekend will be completed the following Monday.

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Yes, your original assessment will include a unique code that can be used for one free re-assessment to determine if there are any data changes in comparison to the original assessment results.

Please note that the re-assessment only includes the Bexel Pupil and Collarette parameters.  Applicable changes can only be measured in the pupil and collarette. The iris itself is genotypic and does not change in shorter life term intervals.

The second assessment results can be very beneficial in determining if any positive health improvements have occurred since treatment.

Signs of improvement in second assessment are determined through the mathematical parameter changes in the pupil and collarette.

The re-assessment is recommended after a minimum of three to six month of treatment.

Please note that the re-assessment code is valid for one year and must be the same eye images/case.

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Approved clinics will receive an invoice for assessments on the first day of each month unless another arrangement is in place. Clinics have the option of paying invoices using Stripe secure credit card invoices or Paypal invoice. Invoices are due in 15 days. Please note that both invoices statements will list Iridology Research as proprietor.

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Yes, STC (Suttong) used the very same technology in government approved clinical studies held at Korean University Hospital for Certification in Korea. (FDA Approved Medical Device Class 3 in Korea) Please review the full study here: Korean Hospital Study using Bexel Irina Iridological Analysis System

In regards to the Russian Iridodiagnostic assessment software, there are several clinical studies in iridodiagnostics accomplished throughout Russia. Please review the excerpts from published studies in the link below:


To review currently updated studies in all iridological sciences, visit here.

Accuracy figures are derived from published scientific research from several resources. Please note that only a licensed medical doctor can provide a true diagnosis, determine whether or not treatment is required and/or prescribe any treatment/medication.

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There are three types of iridodiagnostic assessments with different fees. Registered clinics receive a discount rate for each assessment. To review the clinic rates, please review the assessment page. 

Personal assessments are not accepted at Iridodiagnostics.com. For personal assessments, please visit Iridology Research.

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