Iridodiagnostic Assessments

In collaboration with Professor Bryan K. Marcia, Ph.D., a specialized iridodiagnostic lab project was developed to offer highly accurate pupillary and collarette assessments. These assessments are only available to Medical-Naturopathic Clinics and Professional Health Practitioners, due to nature of diagnostic results. The Iridodiagnostic assessments are meant to be utilized in conjunction with other diagnostic tools used in the healing arts. No diagnostic tool should be used alone.

Assessment results are normally completed within 1-48 hours with optional extended assessment report for patient or client. There are three types of iridodiagnostic assessments available for Clinical and Academic Institutions. More information with sample reports are available for each type of assessment in PDF format:

Iridological AssessmentAssessment InformationRecommended For..Sample Assessment Download in PDFAssessment FeeAssessment Applications
Iridology Analysis Professional - Main AssessmentRussian Medical Iridodiagnostic Report Based on E.S. Velhover. Requires Knowledge of Russian Medical Terminology.Medical Clinics, Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors.Iridology Analysis Professional - Main AssessmentClinic Fee: 25.00
Clinic Application
Iridology Analysis Professional-ClientCustomized Patient-Client Version of the Russian Medical Iridodiagnostic Report Based on E.S. Velhover. This Report is Comprehensible to Both Practitioner and Client. Bexel Lab Data is also included in this assessment.Patient Friendly Assessment for Medical and Naturopathic Clinics. Useful for Patient Education.Iridology Analysis Professional-ClientClinic Fee: 30.00
Recommended Patient Fee: 75.00 - 150.00
Clinic Application
Bexel Lab Data AssessmentNumerical Analysis for the Pupil and Collarette Parameters.Medical and Health Clinics, Scientific Institutions and Independent Researchers.Bexel Lab Data Assessment
Clinic or Institutional Fee: 20.00Clinic Application
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