Are there any clinical studies available for the Iridodiagnostic Assessments?

What are the fees for the iridodiagnostic assessments?
October 16, 2018
How do I pay for my clinical assessments?
October 16, 2018

Yes, STC (Suttong) used the very same technology in government approved clinical studies held at Korean University Hospital for Certification in Korea. (FDA Approved Medical Device Class 3 in Korea) Please review the full study here: Korean Hospital Study using Bexel Irina Iridological Analysis System

In regards to the Russian Iridodiagnostic assessment software, there are several clinical studies in iridodiagnostics accomplished throughout Russia. Please review the excerpts from published studies in the link below:


To review currently updated studies in all iridological sciences, visit here.

Accuracy figures are derived from published scientific research from several resources. Please note that only a licensed medical doctor can provide a true diagnosis, determine whether or not treatment is required and/or prescribe any treatment/medication.

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