What is included in the Bexel Lab Results?

How long does it take to receive assessment results?
October 16, 2018
What is the source information from the assessment advice and recommendations?
July 9, 2019

Biometric data analysis to determine several parameters of the pupil including Miosis, Mydriasis, Anisocoria, Deformation of Pupils (drawing in-out, oval-elliptic forms, local flatness, sector deformations, decentrations and Multiformities).

All Iridodiagnostic assessments include the Bexel lab report unless there is an issue with severely abnormal pupils. It is recommended to re-test the Bexel assessment at least once a year to review changes in the pupillary and collarette parameters.

Bexel Irina Pupil and Collarette Sample Data Results:


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