What is the difference between the Russian based iridodiagnostic assessment and the Bexel Lab results?

I do not have an iriscope. Do you have any recommendations?
July 9, 2019
Can clinics use the iridodiagnostic software independently?
July 10, 2019

The Russian iridodiagnostic assessment tool was developed after the Bexel Irina software and offers enhanced iridodiagnostic features based upon more current clinical studies in iridology. In other words, the Russian based bio-metric analysis software can detect more anomalies than the Bexel, but does require some manual expertise.

The Bexel assessment results are most valuable to attain the pupillary and collarette mathematical data, which can be successfully utilized in a clinical environment.

Both bio-metric analysis programs automatically detect and define the pupillary and collarette parameters. In reviewing each of the separate assessments, you will find similarities in both report data.

All assessments include the Bexel numerical data report in exception to heavily deformed pupil(s) that is not accepted by the bio-metric algorithm.



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